The programs


Every evening at 8pm, thanks to Art News, MUSEUM’s daily news programme, find out everything you need to know about exhibitions, openings, art auctions, festivals, art fairs … and meet the artists, museums and galleries that are making the news!


Every evening at 8.15pm, thanks to Art Quiz, MUSEUM’s art game, brush up on your art history so that you can amuse and impress your friends over drinks at a bar or dinner at an upscale restaurant.


Want to learn to draw in 3 minutes? It’s possible with Les P’tits Croquis! In 60 episodes, you’ll learn how to draw a fireman, a haunted house, a footballer, a fairy… Our drawing guru will take you on a voyage of discovery: learn the secrets of proportions, perspective, highlighting, contrasts, volumes, shading … all you need to know!
Entertaining but informative, Les P’tits Croquis turns drawing lessons into fun. To your pencils !


Every evening at 8.30pm, thanks to Sketchbook, MUSEUM’s drawing lesson presented by Raphael Federici (street artist), Claire Castagnet (painting teacher) Sophie Lambda (illustrator) and Masis (Realism expert), you’ll soon be a sketchbook champion.


Travelers is THE ultimate city guide for all art lovers… But wait: there’s more! This show is broadcast as part of our weekend specials devoted to the world’s art capitals.  Exhibitions, museums, galleries, artists, as well as hotels, restaurants, bars and boutiques… In other words, everything you need to plan your next weekend is here on Travelers.

Presented by Alicia Flipo, accompanied by her trusty cameraman Marcel, over the next few months Travelers will take you to Bordeaux, Lausanne, Madrid, Marseille, Copenhagen, etc


Photo contest is a competition in which 2 photographers look for the most beautiful shots on a chosen theme. They get one hour to take as many photos as possible, then they chose the best 5 and get an additional 30 minutes to touch them up. Their work is judged by Agnès Grégoire, editor-in-chief of the photo magazine that selects the winner of the competition.


A huge white sheet. Three markers. Three big-name illustrators or cartoonists compete against each other or work together using their pencils and sense of humour in a battle inspired by Surrealist games like the exquisite corpse (cadavre exquis in the French).
Designed and produced by Jean Frapat, Tac au tac (Tit for tat) was broadcast from 1969 to 1975 on French television. During the one hundred odd episodes, various stars of animation took to the stage in front of the cameras. These included Claire Bretécher, Dany, Druillet, Franquin, Fred, Gotlib, Moebius, Morris, Hugo Pratt, Roba, Serre, Topor, Uderzo… all of whom were willing to take part in the games invented by Jean Frapat.
MUSEUM has joined forces with Effervescence Label (Simone Harari Baulieu and Laurent Robert Thibierge) and with Laurent Frapat, the son of the original TV show’s creator, to update this iconic programme with 20 new episodes shot in 4K/UHD.


A photograph, the story behind it, and the photographer: relive the decisive moment that resulted in a certain shot in the company of its author.


In Artist’s Workshop, discover the world of a specific artist. Enter his studio and allow yourself to be transported by the magic of art!


We’ll let you discover this for yourselves… See you at midnight!


Watch artists as they create their work, without a filter or an exterior intervention, by leaving them the time they need to create their artwork. This is the idea behind Street Art Live: watch street art being created before your very eyes, filmed in real time, and recorded live.