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Why a channel on art ?

2 million French people visit an exhibition at least once a month and 12 million French people consider themselves artists by posting photographs on Instagram every day. A discipline like street art has become a veritable phenomenon that has attracted an entire public, who up until recently, had little interest in other forms of art (1 million followers of OBEY Giant on Facebook).

And yet art is the poor relation of television: not only is there no TV channel devoted to the visual arts anywhere in the world, but art is a topic that is little covered on existing channels. There are very few arts features broadcast and the approach adopted remains a traditional one with the use of documentaries.

Museums, on the other hand, underwent a revolution a few years ago in an effort to attract a larger public. Through the themes presented, dynamic programmes of events and activities, and innovative exhibition scenography, museums have succeeded in attracting a wider audience, something we believe is also possible to achieve when it comes to art on television



MUSEUM is designed around a simple concept:

We aim to provide entertainment and information for all those who go to at least one exhibition per month (and enjoy it).  

All in all, this adds up to quite a large number of people: 6 French people out of 10 every year, in fact!

Our mission is to satisfy the expectations of art lovers, but also to target a wide audience through a fun, accessible, and informal style.

So even though you’ll find traditional-style documentaries on MUSEUM, you’ll also find entertainment programmes, games, drawing classes, reality series, photography and painting competitions, etc.

On MUSEUM, you’ll find art, nothing but art, and all kinds of art, with a programming schedule structured around four main themes:



Fine Arts (classical, modern and contemporary art) because watching documentaries about the Masters of art history on a daily basis improves the mind and is a mark of good taste!




Pop Art (street art, performances, body art…) because these new forms of art with their refreshing, iconoclastic nature, have attracted a new public, who up until then, were slow to put foot in a museum.



Images (photography, video art…) because in the age of Instagram and YouTube, we’re all fledgling artists but artists who could still benefit from some expert advice.




Architecture & Design Richard Serra might have declared the difference between art and architecture to be the following: ‘art serves no purpose’, but we still believe that architects and designers have their place on MUSEUM.

Creativity, curiosity, modernity and exclusivity are the cornerstones of MUSEUM. This is why all of our original productions are filmed in 4K, because if there is a field in which Ultra High Definition makes sense, it’s undoubtedly art.


How can I watch MUSEUM on my TV?

The channel Museum (formerly Museum Purescreen HD and then, The Museum Channel) is now exclusively broadcast on Canal and via Freebox Révolution.

To subscribe to Canal, choose between Canal Panorama or l’Essentiel Famille (family bundle).

Watch Museum on channel 84.

To subscribe to Freebox Révolution, click here.

Watch Museum on channel 213.

To subscribe to Orange, click here.

Watch Museum on channel 136.